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ADVC 110 no audio

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  • ADVC 110 no audio

    Hi, I am attaching the ADVC 110 to my Macbook Pro via firewire. I attach from my VCR SVHS out to the SVHS in and RCA audio out to RCA audio in on the 110. I launch iMovie HD. The 110 audio switch is set to 48K 16 bit The Macbook Pro in the AMS has the audio set to 48K 16bit. When I import the picture is great but there is no sound. I know for sure that there is audio getting into the 110. The same audio out for the VCR have been hooked up into an audio amp system to external speakers and the sound is there. I've also by way of checking, have attached to the audio RCA outs a stereo RCA to mini cable and plug the mini into the line in of the Powerbook, launch garage band and I hear audio. Using the same cable and attach them to the audio out of the 110, re attach the RCA cables from the outs of the VCR to the in of the 110 and get no sound. This leads me to think that there is a problem with the 110. Would you concur? I assume that when attaching SVHS and audio in to the 110 and the 110 attached to the macbook pro via firewire is all the cabling I need to do. Correct. Also, I did run the same tests and programs on another computer, a g4, powerbook, 1 ghz speed with 1 gig of ram. Same problems. Please help.


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    Many capture applications do not preview audio during capture.

    Have you played the captured file back in iMovie/etc? It should have audio there.


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      ADVC 110 no audio

      Yes, I did many tests and imported. The picture is great but the there was no audio present.


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        Rereading your original post, it seems that this configuration yields video, but no audio
        VCR (video) -> ADVC110 -> TV
        VCR (audio) -> ADVC110 - TV

        If that's that case, then yes, something is wrong, either the VCR is not sending a standard line-level audio signal (unlikely unless it has headphone output or something), or there is something wrong with the ADVC.