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ADVC110 and Mac - won't work

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  • ADVC110 and Mac - won't work

    Just bought the ADVC110 to transfer old vhs tapes to dvds. Hooked up the vcr to the advc with the yellow/white/red connectors and the firewired to my mac (OS X 10.4 version.) After that I don't get anything. Where do I go from here?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give... :)

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    The ADVC looks like a DV camcorder or deck (in most case you shouldn't choose "media converter" as the device type - choose a Sony camera).

    You capture from, and output to it, just like you would from/to a DV camcorder.


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      Same PROBLEM HERE! ADVC110 Inoperative on Mac.

      Can the previous"Headmaster",subscriber to this thread, please elaborate.

      I too have a problem in connecting and activating a successful link between my VHS player the ADVC!!) and my Apple Mac.



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        I believe The Headmaster was referring to the option in Final Cut Pro that allows you to choose your input device. There is (or was, the last time I used FCP) an option to select "Digital Video Converter" (or something similar) as your DV input device. As mentioned, the ADVCs behave and are seen more like DV cams and decks, so you should not select that option. Instead, there should be an option for "DV Camera" or "Sony Camera" or "DV Deck" which should solve that particular issue.

        But, for those not using FCP, and are using, say, iMovie, that doesn't apply. iMovie and Final Cut Express can be a little more fickle and tricky, and may require you to try a few different methods of connection, disconnection, starting/quitting applications in the right order, etc., in order to get it properly recognized.

        Bottom line though, if you're having a problem, call Tech Support!