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any ideas what this is ??????????

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  • any ideas what this is ??????????

    can anyone tell me what this is.
    its a canopus product but has ni model number on it . any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    here is a link to a photo:
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    That's the breakout box for the DVRex-M1 board.

    The breakout box was required, as the DVRex-M1 board did not have any video connections on the board itself. It did have a DV connection though.

    The DVRex-M1 was the predecessor of the DVStorm, and by itself was not a real-time solution.

    The DVRex-RT board was required for real-time functionality.

    If you intend to use this with EDIUS (which would make this thread on-topic, at least... though in the wrong section, heh), then you would need:
    1) DVRex breakout box (what's pictured)
    2) DVRex-M1 board
    3) DVRex-RT board
    4) Associated cables and such (two cables go between the DVRex-M1 and DVRex-RT boards)

    Note that this hardware is about 8+ years old now, as I started at Canopus just as the DVRex-RT was being launched.