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G4 to ADVC110 output

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  • G4 to ADVC110 output

    I have a G4 with Final Cut Pro HD and an ADVC110. I can import analog video with no problems, but I cannot see the digital output on my NTSC monitor from the G4/Final Cut Pro. I was told by my FCP instructor this would work so I could see a higher quality image of what I'm editing. I've pressed the analog to DV button to DV and all cables are coming out the back of the ADVC110 as per the instruction book but the screen is black. When I'm importing analog video I can see the video on the monitor. Do I have to make an adjustment on the G4? Any thoughts?

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    You need to set whatever needs to be set in FCP in order to get realtime DV output on the FireWire port from the timeline.

    No realtime DV output, no decoded analog from the ADVC.


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      Thanks again for the fast help!


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        No problem. But remember, if you need immediate asssistance, it's always best to directly call support. Besides, sometimes they know stuff the sales/marketing folks who frequent here don't.