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ADVC 100 / Vegas and NEW Audio loss during capture

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  • ADVC 100 / Vegas and NEW Audio loss during capture

    OK guys, new to the forum. Had my 100 for 3+ years not. NOT a single worry one. Its been great.

    Go to Xfr some VHSC stuff last night and my WORRIES begin.

    To Start: There is NO issues with the video capture. It works fine.

    For some reason the audio is dropping out of the capture. Not the stuttered audio that i am used to hearing (cuz that always works fine) but here is what happens.

    I can start the Xfr and i will get a clip that has audio find, then my next capture will have a small blast of the audio and then flat audio.

    I've been trying to capture small segments from these tapes. I can run my Mini DV camera into the digital input with NO problems, audio works fine everytime, but the analog inputs seem to be acting squirrly.

    I've tried different fire wire cables with no luck. I even ran the analog out of my Sony Mini DV and the SAME problems happened.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help or thoughts,

    Denicio DelToro

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    I assume playback from the deck directly to a TV is OK?

    It sounds to me like something is either overloading the audio circuitry on the ADVC (maybe signal level is overdriven or overamplified) or the audio clock is getting confused somehow.