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liteon firewire connections

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  • liteon firewire connections

    I bought my advc 300 thinking that i could have my video sitting on the timeline in premiere pro 3 then press play and record it using only firewire connections straight onto a dvd using my liteon dvd recorder but the liteon does not recognize the advc300 maybe someone can help

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    Exactly how is everything connected?

    Do you get analog output of the Premiere timeline from the ADVC300?


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      Yes i do get analog output i think it is a matter of the liteon not recognize the advc 300 as i can plug in my camera to the dv in on the liteon and it sees it straight away.I take it that the digital connection on the advc300 is bi directional
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        Yes, the DV connection on the ADVC300 is bidirectional.
        Possibly your Liteon recorder expects free-running timecode, and is not sending a DV Play command, so the ADVC300 is not generating free-run timecode.

        Try powering up the ADVC300 with analog input, and it might automatically enter Play mode.


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          I use ADVC300 into Liteon DV with no problems in analog or digital.

          From memory I think you have to send the DV play command manually from the recorder.
          Roger D


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            Maybe you need to tell the LiteOn (menu entry) that a 'non-camera' type device is connected.