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ADVC and Adobe Premier Pro 2

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  • ADVC and Adobe Premier Pro 2

    I wanted that somebody told me if an ADVC 700 are compatible with Adobe Premier Pro 2. Do I assume that yes because in the menu of capture of Ppro 2the option ADVC100 it is there (surprisingly the only for ADVC family)

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    The ADVCs appear to the computer as a DV camera/deck.

    The only "trick" is that while most DV converters require device control disabled, the ADVCs generally require device control enabled.

    This is because ADVCs more-fully act like real DV decks.
    Upon receiving a DV Play command, the ADVC starts rolling timecode and switches to Analog->DV mode.
    Upon receiving a DV Record command, the ADVC switches to DV->Analog mode (except for the ADVC 50 and 55, which don't do DV->Analog).

    The ADVC100 option is probably there to keep people from choosing the wrong thing and calling support.

    Most times, if the program doesn't have an ADVC-specific option, choosing the camcorder manufacturer as Sony will work.