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ADVC110 and betacam

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  • ADVC110 and betacam

    I just purchased an ADVC110 for downloading Betacam tapes from my BVW35 deck to Final Cut HD on a G4. Some of the downloads look perfect others break up, freeze up, have big sync flashes, etc. making those totally unusable. I can see the problem as I download. Is this because there is no time base corrector on the playback deck or is it something else? Thanks for any help.

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    Yes that will be it. The 35 had no TBC and with no reference will act as you say it does. Not much help that I appreciate.
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      To be honest you'd be better off with an ADVC700 so you can get the Ref Sync signal from the deck and ensure proper timing.

      In the meantime, you can try changing the Internal/External Sync DIP switch on the ADVC, though I'm not entirely sure it affects input.


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        Thanks for the fast info.