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  • using advc55

    im using the windows media encoder. in ibm server X355 windows xp sp2.

    the device advc55 is connected to the server by firewire.
    im using it to receive video live broadcasting. it is working ok but when i click "stop encoding" and then "start encoding" i get an error massage that says "the following error occurred while setting up the source 'live'
    one or all the specified sources are not working properly. check the sources are configured correctly (0xc00d1b8a)" i press ok- and the media encoder is shut down and reopen in a new session.

    and then i disconnecting the firewire, connecting it agin and only then i can click "start encoding" and it is starting.

    but y does it happen? the error massage is referring to the source which is the advc55, am i right?

    please help me

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    To the system, the ADVC looks like a standard DV camcorder/deck. Does the same thing happen when a regular DV/Digital8 camera or deck is connected?


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      i tried what u said and there wasnt any problems.

      so i learn from this that the problem is not from the firewire card.

      so what can it be?


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        Can you disable device control in the application?
        Maybe it expects free-running timecode, and when it tells the deck to "stop" the timecode stops, so it thinks there is an error.


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          To confirm if device control is indeed causing the problem, you could download the free WinDV application to do your capturing. To disable device control in WinDV, make sure the little check box in between the Config and Capture buttons is unticked.



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            how do i change the "stop" in timecode?
            i tried to add another source and change the "at end- stop" to "at end roll over to next source" and i got an error saying the device 'avc complaint DV device' can only be used once in a sassion.