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Function of ADVC 300

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    Both the ADVC-110 and ADVC-300 have locked audio support, meaning that it is supposed to maintain audio/video sync during conversion. To the best of my knowledge, the "clean up" circuits shouldn't cause any syncing issues--they may result in a slightly slower than realtime conversion due to the encode/decode delay, but that's the worse it should do.

    If memory serves me, there is a DIP switch on the bottom of both devices that allows you to enable and disable that function, so you may want to check to see if you've accidentally tripped that switch.

    But, if that STILL doesn't help, definitely contact tech support. You may need to have your ADVC-300 repaired.


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      Originally posted by THoff View Post
      The ADVC-300 has an auto-gain option for both audio and video to help with varying audio and brightness levels. I would certainly make sure that they are turned on.
      Actually, for the audio I would advice against using the AGC. You can always edit audio afterwards, because it is thrown out of the ADVC300 as uncompressed 16 bit wav.
      Post editing is a much better sounding option, ALWAYS. I have yet to hear an AGC that actually improves sound for video in ways you can't do a lot better manually.
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