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Let's Edit - Cannot start overlay video

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  • Let's Edit - Cannot start overlay video

    Dear friends,
    Please someone help me. I've made an upgrade to my pc,, and a fresh instalation of XP Pro.
    Intalled the ADVC1394 and Let's Edit 2 ( That's my way of living...)

    But now I cannot start Let's Edit, and after SEVERAL test, I Can conlude that it can't start overlay video. Because if I have other aplication with video overlay started, Let's edit run's fine, of course without making overlay, because I can only make it happens once. So I can conclude that Let's edit cannot start overlay.

    With video input on the same ADVC1394 I can see it using other applications like ULEAD video editor, that's a prof that hardware is OK.

    Someone can help me ? I need to work ...That's my way of living....

    Core2Duo E6420 + NVidea 8500GT 512 Mb + 2 Gbs DDR2800 + ADVC1394
    + 2x SATAII 250 Gb

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    Did you install nVidia drivers? Get the latest ones from the nVidia website. The video drivers that come standard with XP are bare-bones drivers that don't enable all features of graphics cards.



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      There was a lets edit 2 patch to solve overlay problems with nvidia cards...If you still have problems pm me and I will send it to you...
      Aristotelis Bafaloukos
      Systems Engineer, Video Editor, 3D Artist
      BEng (Hons), MSc, MBCS



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        what is that patch

        what is that patch

        Can u send it to me


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          Me too - Me too!

          I posted a year ago or more about getting my trusty LE working on my new updated machine - but I can not because of an overlay issue.

          I have loads of half finished edits on my old machine - that I would love to complete on the new video editor - please help!




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            Need to form

            Need to form
            A group of team that love let's edit
            we can share ....

            Now I test .. Win 7 and new Nvidia not supporting LE