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ADVC-55 PAL/NTSC Problem

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  • ADVC-55 PAL/NTSC Problem

    I have recently purchased an ADVC-55 to capture some PAL tapes on to the computer. I have corretly set all the switches on the ADVC for PAL capture (switch 1 on and all others off) but the computer insists on capturing in NTSC. I can find no way in any program to switch to PAL. It seems as if the type of output is determined by the setting on the device.
    I have tried VirtualDub, MediaConcept MPEG Encoder (Demo), WinDV and the Windows image capturer (in "My Computer"). None of them allow me to switch to PAL and I obviously get a garbled image. However, some times after reconnecting several times I system detects the input as PAL and everything works normally, but as soon as I disconnect and reconnect (making no changes in between) everything fails again. It's like the switch on the ADVC isn't working properly...
    I have checked the source (an analog camcorder) witch I connect through an RCA Cable to the ADVC. It works fine on the TV (all PAL) with the same cables.
    Is there anything that could be causing this behavior apart from a hardware fault in the ADVC? I have had these troubles on the two computers I have tried it on.
    I appreciate any help...

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    Make sure you power-cycle the 55 between DIP switch setting changes.

    Are you using the optional power supply for the ADVC55? If so, you'll need to unplug the power for about 10 seconds to power-cycle the unit.


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      What are the exact steps you are taking to connect everything up? Have you tried connecting analog signal first (with your camera already playing) before plugging in Firewire cable?

      I don't have ADVC-55, I have ADVC-300 and while I don't have problems with PAL recognition on a PC, I do sometimes have problems like that with iMovie on a Mac. In that case I find that playing a few seconds of the tape causes iMovie to switch from NTSC to PAL.

      If none of this helps, contact support for help.



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        I still have had no success in getting it working. It appears to be stuck in ntsc... I've tried inputting ntsc (I have a vcr that can do that) and it works regardless of the dip switch setting. However, I want to capture pal...
        I've tried having the video playing before connecting the advc to no avail.
        I'll have to contact support
        Thanks for the feedback anyway.