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2 converters, one computer, 100 worries

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  • 2 converters, one computer, 100 worries

    hello, I have two converters each with a camera installed on a car. The first converter is connected to the integrated firewire 6pin of the laptop. I use a PCMCIA cardbus to connect the second converter on the laptop which is also installed in the car. funny enough I can't get both cameras (converters) to show at the same time on the laptop. both are working when connected alone. the converters are power-supplied independantly.

    I really have no idea what could be the problem since there shouldn't be any need for power from the computer (and it shouldn't be a power conflict in that logic), and it can't be a bandwidth problem since there are two firewire controllers (the second one provided by the pcmcia card).

    so there must be something you maybe know about all this that could help me because i'm loosing my hair on it :( any advice ?

    the converter is a model 300 or similar, it looks like the 300, it's a canopus, but it does look a bit different (maybe an older version?).

    thanks for your appreciated help!

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    Two questions:

    1 - what are you using to capture the converted signal? (ie. software)
    2 - does just using one converter work at all?


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      If they're Canopus units, they will have the model name/number on the unit, as well as on the sticker on the bottom or back of the unit.

      Since they work individually, probably your software doesn't individually address DV devices on the bus. This is quite common, actually, as i.LINK defined a point-to-point connection, meaning not more than one DV/i.LINK device on the bus at a time.

      What OS are you running?