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ADVC1000 with Edius SP - want to confirm capabilities

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  • ADVC1000 with Edius SP - want to confirm capabilities


    I have a dual-Xeon 3.6 Edius SP system, and a couple of Sony AR290 laptops (dual-core T7200 @ 2Ghz).

    I'm looking for the utility capability of adding an SD SDI in/out to these systems. The primary wish for use right now is to accept a downconverted SDI signal from the Panasonic HPM100 P2 HD/SD recorder player and/or the HPX2000 camera, and convert it to a very clean SD file so that I can author a very clean SD DVD of the original 1080/720 HD content. I've tried downconverting in Edius timelines & ProCoder, and I still can't seem to shake the 'jags'. Hardware downconversion through the cameras/players and even AJA boxes seem to look smooth (at least more than the software solutions so far).

    Long story short - with the 1000, can you accept an SD SDI signal, and convert it to a Canopus DV file (ie: Canopus SD HQ file, a DV file, or even a DVCPRO 50 or uncompressed SD file)? I'm assuming that this box would take the SDI input, and convert/pass the signal via firewire, so that I could capture it with my SP system, or even with my laptops if I was working in the field (giving any of those Edius systems SDI in/out)? Please let me know the specifics about the files, any other processing (noise reduction, etc).

    I'd also like to know what kind of latency I could expect, or if it is fairly real-time/instant (on both input/digitizing, and when you're playing back from a timeline).

    Lastly, can this serve as a realtime output to edit with Vegas and or the Adobe PP2 or CS3 packages (assuming that it works 100% with an Edius timeline as well)?

    I've read what's listed on the product site, but I've learned not to take anything for granted - this is an expensive piece with a fairly limited focus on i/o - I just want to make sure it's a good solution for me. I'd love to read the manual if there was a link to the .pdf.

    Can I assume the 3000 is very much the same, just with more i/o capabilities? I'd be tempted, but the price is really creeping up there on that one...

    Thanks for your help.

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    ADVC1000 is an SDI <-> DV converter. You will be able to capture only in DV quality (not in Canopus HQ, uncompressed etc)...
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      To follow up on what Aristotelis said, the DV output format is strictly DV25 - EDIUS will want to capture it as Canopus DV. This applies to both ADVC1000 and ADVC3000.

      That said, it's quite possible to hook an ADVC1000 up to an OHCI FireWire-based NLE package that supports realtime DV output, and then hook up an SD-SDI monitor to get realtime monitor output from the NLE.

      That's where the ADVC1000 acts just like a little ADVC110.