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Can't capture on PAL60 with advc110

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  • Can't capture on PAL60 with advc110


    I got a problem with my ADVC 110.

    I want to capture vidéo from my Xbox360. And i got to let it on PAL60 for playing last games. Anyway, when i lanch wmm and try to capture, i got a "bounced" image. I mean the image is bouncing on the capture screen ! I try to capture anyway, but that let my image in that situation. If i put the settings to PAL50, it's ok, but the Xbox360 can't read most part of the games.

    I want to know if my problem comes from the ADVC 110 or from my software (Windows Movie maker). I can change it if i need, but i hope the problem don"t come from the advc, because i read all the things about it on the official website, and it's write that it support PAL/SECAM.

    Sorry about my english, i'm french :)

    I hope you will help me to find an issue about that !

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    PAL60 definitely does not sound like standard PAL.

    The ADVCs only support standard NTSC (3.58) and standard PAL.

    Formats like NTSC 4.43 are not supported.


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      So this mean i can't capture on xbox360 ? No solution with this advc 110 ?


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        I remember that with the original XBOX you could select PAL, PAL 60 or NTSC as output format.

        I heard that some games for the XBOX 360 are locked to 60hz output, so if it's possible, switch the video output from your XBOX 360 to NTSC. Don't forget to switch your Canopus ADVC 110 to NTSC too.

        PAL 60 is a non-standard format, which makes it hard to capture. Some capture cards with a certain Brooktree chipset are able to capture it in combination with Dscaler.