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  • advc3000 + edius

    hello people i have a edius sp two client of me..need to record the programs i edited in edius to betacam sx and to four channels of question is
    if i buy the advc 3000 can i record the edius with 4 channels audio into sx?
    i mean the advc 3000 is ok for recort to edius to betacam 4 channels audio?

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    The ADVC3000 can decode 4-channel DV audio.

    So as long as you are in a 4-channel DV project in EDIUS, it should work. Remember to configure your Audio Channel Map in the project settings.


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      How about capturing 4 channels from sdi source. how would you go about getting all four channels in via ADVC3000 into edius. I have this setup with a laptop and edius, and i can only seem to get 2 channels input, but no problem getting all four out.
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