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  • best capture format and software

    I just obtained a ADVC-110 to capture video from my camcorder and DISH Network PVR. I am new to all of this so please be patient. I want to save the output to my new home theater PC and then watch it on a plasma flat panel. What is the best format in which to capture the recordings and what would be the best software program? And, to watch on a large screen plasma or LCD (42"-50") what would be the best capture software? Would I have to capture in AVI and then transcode (is that the proper term) to another format to watch on plasma/LCD? Thanks.

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    The ADVC110 will convert the analog input to DV format, so the best way to capture is to capture from software that can capture from a DV camcorder/deck, which will be a straight data transfer, versus a video compression.

    How is your plasma/LCD connected? Is it connected DVI/VGA to the computer, or is it accepting a video signal input?


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      Hi - I use nero recode II with my ADVC 300 - I capture to Nero Digital Format mpeg 4 - at about 5000kbps - you can get away with less - nero has a feature that lets you capture HD format - this is much larger file size as its 10000kbps


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        Video capture using ADVC110

        I am trying to capture video into Sony Vegas via a canopus ADVC110 which is connected to a VHS payer. Most of our videos are in PAL format. The VHS player is connected to the canopus with s-video and audio cables. The canopus is connected to the PC using firewire cables. The Vegas is detecting the device but not showing the image or sound. I have tried changing some of the dip switch settings on the canopus but that hasn't made any difference. Has anyone had the same problem?


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          I'm sure you did, but just to make sure, did you actually tell Vegas to start capturing? The ADVC110 responds to device control commands as if it were a DV camera, so it may not send anything to Vegas unless told to.

          Also, you could try another capture program such as the free WinDV.



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            If you are using XP with service pack 2 you may need to run this
            firewire fix from microsoft.

            Hope this may help


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              Capturing time and date together with video clip


              I have Samsung digital video camcorder VP-D190MSI and I am using pinnacle studio software for capturing video from it.But as I noticed there is not possible to be captured and time and date from the movie.Only later on is possible using editting options time to be added as text.

              I tried and with some other softwares as Windows Movie Maker, Premiere and others, but unforunately with none of them I couldn't capture together with the movie clip and time nad date of recorded video clip.

              I appriciate very much if anyone can help me to solve this issue?

              Thank You,


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                Unless the camera overlayed the recording date and time over the video and wrote it to tape that way, simply capturing the video on your computer will not show it.

                Panasonic camcorders for instance can display the current date and time on the LCD, but they don't overlay the information on the video they record.

                What you can do is to run the AVI file you capture through a free program called DVDate. It will read the date and time that is embedded invisible in the metadata, and output a new file with the information overlayed on top of the video.


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                  Just to let you know that I often use VirtualDub, which works fine as a DV capture software for my ADVC 300 in WinXP Pro x64.
                  The actual capture-files are usually higher quality than when you preview it live. The live-view of VDub has some trouble keeping up at times, while the DV still gets stored OK.

                  I've posted about VirtualDub elsewhere in the forums.


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                    I know people use Macvide ScreenCapfor capturing....

                    how idea???:)