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Video output of capture is flickering help asap please

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  • Video output of capture is flickering help asap please

    hi i have a big problem when i capture through Canopus 55, the playback is flckering, why is this happening?
    its for a client a video of a dance performance to dvd.

    With this flickering its really obvious, how can i fix it , what maybe causing it.

    the dip switch is on in the first switch
    im capturing via A sharp 6 head video. The video itself is excellent quality.

    please reply

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    What's the age and condition of the cables being used to hook everything up?

    In the case of flickering video, swapping out cables can fix the issue.


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      hi the cables are new.

      but it can't be the cables that are the problem because a few minutes ago i changed videos, im now using a JVC one the flickering has gone but there are dips in the sound now:(
      please help


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        Are you powering the unit with FireWire or the (optional) external power adapter?


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          i am powering it with firewire, i didn't get the external adapter with the product.


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            If you can't try a different FireWire cable and/or (powered) port, you might have to get in touch with UK support - sounds like something might be faulty.


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              what kind of flicker? a wrong field order horizontal flicker or a sync type vertical flicker
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                It could also be fuzzies in the overscan area. A short sample showing the symptoms would be useful in troubleshooting this,


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                  Yes it looks fuzzy but im quite new to this product and i really need to put some videos on to dvd for a client. Here are samples of screens shots i took from the out put recording.

                  It was recorded from a sharp 6 head vcr
                  the tape itself is in excellent quality when played in a normal VCR there are no fuzziness or flickering there.

                  I recorded it via a firewire which is connected to my computer. I cnnected via the 3 RCA wires from the canpous advc 55 to the vcr , with a switchable scart, which isn't the problem because i have two and i tested them both and the flickering is happening.

                  ITS a Indian classical Dance performance.

                  Here is what it should look like this is normal:
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                    i hope its a little clear now, my problem.
                    please reply
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                      OK, what you have there is absolutely normal.

                      The fuzzies you see are in the overscan area, which you cannot see on a TV. In fact, the light area on the left side of the frame in the very first picture probably doesn't display at all when you play the tape on your TV. That's the nature of analog recordings and analog TVs.

                      What you do about this depends on how you will use your newly recorded material. If you are going to put the video on the web, then I would crop the image to get rid of a couple of lines at the top and bottom, and a few pixels on the left and right.

                      If you are going to output back to tape or DVD, then I would black-fill the cropped-out area to bring the image back to standard size. It doesn't make sense to scale what is left of the image back up to its full size, as this would degrade the image and merely fill in pixels that will once again be lost to the overscan area when displayed on a TV.


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                        hi there thanks alot for replying back, I want to output the footage to dvd. I have captured the material through Pinnicale Liquid edition 6.10.

                        Will i need to capture the material all over again?
                        the fuzziness doesn't happen all the time , it happens sometimes and at different places , e.g. the first two dances don't have it happen, then i noticed the 4th has it in the beginning and a split second it happens in the third dance.

                        where shall i crop, the whole material video or only at the parts where it happens?

                        are familiar with liquid can you possibly asists me on how do to crop or black fill?



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                          Ah, so the flicker is only happening around the edges of the video?

                          The pics all seem to have a double-blur on them, but I'm assuming that's just how the interlaced image is being saved out (as a still).


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                            No, you don't need to recapture.

                            Crop four or so lines top and bottom, and a few pixels left and right. Don't resize the image following the crop, just black-fill the area at the edge.

                            When you play the resulting DVD on a computer, there will be a thin black frame around the video. Depending on what software ou use and how the video player is set up, you won't even notice it. When that same DVD is played on a TV, the black frame will be hidden by the overscan area.


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                              ok, and this will stp it from flickering :)?