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ADVC300 won't connect to Win XP SP2?

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  • ADVC300 won't connect to Win XP SP2?

    Hi, I have an ADVC300 that won't connect correctly to my Win XP Sp2 computer. The system recognizes the Firewire connection and I get a few seconds of video in the Preview monitor of both Pinnacle Studio 9.4 and Premiere 6.5, then it goes away and I get only audio. I have the Firewire connection plugged into the 1394 port on the Pinnacle Studio PCI card, could that be the problem? Should I just get rid of the Pinnacle PCI card and replace it with a plain old 3 port PCI 1394 card? Do you think the 2 similar devices are cancelling each other out? Should I do a repair of the Win XP OS? I have tried everything I can think of. Uninstall the Pinnacle card drivers. Uninstall the OHCI 1394 drivers and let Windoze re-install them and hope for the best! Anybody got any suggestions?

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    Does the video cut out at exactly the same time, no matter what application you capture with, or source tape you play?


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      Doesn't matter what tape I play. After uninstalling drivers and restarting to get the ADVC300 to be recognized again, I can get a confirmation of video on a preview, but as soon as I go to capture in either Studio 9.4 or Premiere 6.5, the video goes away and I can only get audio.


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        Which drivers did you reinstall? The Pinnacle card's drivers or the ADVC300 controller software?

        Do you know if the Pinnacle card operates as a genuine OHCI FireWire card? Or does it require special plug-ins for Premiere 6.5 in order to function.

        Another question - while the input picture is black, do the captured files play back fine in say, Windows Media Player (ie. with a picture)? Or is it still black?


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          Just the generic drivers

          I re-installed the Imaging Device drivers. There are no drivers that came with my ADVC300. I only have the Picture controller software. I really don't need the Pinnacle card anymore as long as I can get the ADVC300 to work. Should I replace it with a straight Firewire port PCI card? Should I try a Windows Repair? I have a genuine OHCI firewire listing in Device manager and the Pinnacle card is the only 1394 device installed.

          The capture never happens. The system locks up and I have to do a manual shutdown of the non responding program.