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Compatibility of ADVC 300 with NLEs

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  • Compatibility of ADVC 300 with NLEs

    In product information of ADVC 300 is written that it compatible with Grass Valley EDIUS, Final Cut Pro®, Avid Xpress® DV and Adobe® Premiere® Pro.
    Which especial features could I use in these programmes? Does ADVC 300 work with Vegas (I'am going to use it with Vegas)? And is there some difference in work with Vegas and other NLEs?

    ACEDVio could apply special effcts (color correctors and others) in real-time mode. Does ADVC 300 have the same function?

    Is there difference in quality of analog to DV conversion between ADVC 300 and ADVC 500?

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    The ADVC-300 should work with any program that can talk to a DV device, including Vegas. All programs will see identical data coming from the ADVC-300, so there is no advantage to using one program over another to record the output.

    I'm not familiar with the ACEDVio and don't know how it compares to the ADVC-300, but the latter does have realtime filters for audio and video that affect the DV output you record.


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      THoff thanks for your answer! It is suit for me completely.