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thin blurry line at bottom of converted vhs tapes

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  • thin blurry line at bottom of converted vhs tapes

    I recently purchased a Canopus ADVC-300 to convert vhs tapes. I have tried a number of different vhs tapes (some old, some new) and wires (s-video and rca), and VCRs - and I always seem to get a thin blurry line at the very bottom of the video when it is showing and/or recording onto the computer. I have tried capturing in both iMovie and Final Cut Pro with the same results.

    I tried capturing a DVD using the same method and there was no thin blurry line.

    It doesn't show on a television since it's at the very bottom, but it will for digital videos.

    Does anyone know what this is?


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    This is normal for analog recordings. There's often a lot of garbage around the edges of the frame. You don't see it on a normal TV because it's in the overscan area, but on a computer, it shows the entire video frame, including the overscan area, so you see it.


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      This always happens for me too. If you want to get rid of it because you will be showing the video on a computer, you will need to crop the fuzzy bit out during editing. Alternatively apply a slight zoom so it disappears off the bottom. Either way it will probably increase rendering time and may reduce quality a little.



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        Thanks guys, I will try cropping or zooming to fix it...


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          I have "Analog Crop" presets that I use in both Procoder and Edius to get rid of all the fuzzy stuff that you might pick up during a capture from an analog source.

          My preference is to trim about 4 lines top and bottom, and about 8 pixels left and right. I fill the area with black rather than scaling up the resulting image because I don't want to compromise it by scaling it up by a tiny fraction only to lose the borders to the overscan area again, and the black looks fine on both an underscaning display and a computer.