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ACEDVio & Premiere Pro 2.0

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  • ACEDVio & Premiere Pro 2.0

    Hello there is any problem to use ACEDVio with premiere Pro 2.0? because when I launch premiere for the first time I can see the timeline over the analog video out but when I open the capture windows I get always E-E on the output, I need to restart windows to get timeline video output again.

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards,

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    There shouldn't be any issues using ACEDVio with PPro 2 - it's recognised (and used) as a generic OHCI FireWire card. Do you have an onboard FireWire port to test with? (i.e. isolate the ACEDVio card)


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      After capturing, the ACEDVio may still remain in Record mode (Analog-to-DV) mode, thus no longer giving you timeline output to analog, even though Premiere may still be feeding realtime DV out.

      Do a very short Export to Tape (a couple of seconds is fine) to switch the ACEDVio back to DV-to-Analog mode.

      This also applies to ADVC units, as both ACEDVio and ADVC units switch to Analog-to-DV mode when receiving a DV Play command (like what happens in Capture), and switch to DV-to-Analog mode when receiving a DV Record command (like what happens in Export to Tape).