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08-19-2014, 09:23 PM

I have a question and hopefully you will be able to a help me.

When I add the "Set Main Player Command" in the channel pack a small green line/dot appears on our HD feed but not our SD feed. I reported this to GV Support and took a couple of weeks of going back and forth until they acknowledge that this was the case. GV stated the newer version of nexos will fix the green line/dot issue and currently looking into upgrading us

I prefer not to have an upgrade because sometimes upgrades can cause more problems than it fixes.

I have developed a squeeze back where the current movie shrinks and the next movie starts. We have implemented this on channels with no subtitles and had no issues. We want to implement the squeeze back on our channels with subtitles but I have a concern and here lies the question.

1. We use an external subtitling machine and receives time code from K2Edge. During the credit roll, the current movie (Main Clip) shrinks to the bottom right and then the next movie begins at the top. Which time code is being sent, the current movie or the next movie when the "Set Main Player Command" is not set?

Currently, GV Support or our third party vender (maintains/broadcast K2Edge) are unable to give us an answer. Our last option is to broadcast the squeeze back late night on air and see what happens.



08-26-2014, 03:27 PM
Hi Jay,

Regarding your question:

If the main player role is not set (in any of your templates) then the K2Edge does not submit any player related time code information, i.e. of neither player.