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08-06-2014, 11:33 AM
Hi Guys,

I am trying to display the video metadata stored in TXMAM, such as 'Title', 'Description', on screen using channel composer.

What is the easiest way of achieving this? Thanks in advance#


08-07-2014, 04:07 PM
Hi Roshan,

Before you're able to use metadata fields in the format editor you first need to import asset type xml definitions (xml files) into Channel Composer. Such an xml file defines the metadata fields for an asset type. In TX-MAM these asset type xml definitions are stored per asset type in the TX-MAM database. So in TX-MAM, lookup the asset(s) you're interested in under the "Asset Type" menu item. When you click on an asset type you will immediately see the xml definitions for that asset type listed under "Definition XML". Copy the xml to the clipboard and paste it into an empty text file (plain text). Save this text file to disk and give it the xml file extension (e.g. "Bumper.xml").

Then in Channel Composer, import the xml definition by clicking on Project Assets > MetaData in the Project Explorer. You can import the xml file by clicking on the icon in the toolbar of the MetaData view. When the import is finished you will have access to the metadata fields as defined by the xml file. You can then drag these metadata fields from the MetaData view directly onto a scene parameter of a template or applet in the format editor. This way you basically link a scene parameter to a metadata field. At schedule time the scene parameter will be populated (in the schedule) with the corresponding metadata value from the TX-MAM database.

Hopefully you're able to continue with the above instructions. If not, then please contact us again!


Jan Roel Evers