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11-11-2013, 11:34 AM
I'm using format control to set blocks on/off based on import fields in a playlist.

I believe that in previous versions of one of the suite of applications used to run various channels (either the POC or Cobalt or FormatControl app, not sure which) the blocks were reset upon loading a new playlist, i.e. no blocks remain active at the load/start of a new playlist file.

Nowadays the Blocks seem to remain active/on until such time as they are set as inactive/off.

However, in testing some new rules, I had a playlist loaded/running on Friday with a block active that had been set a day earlier, and which was active throughout the playlist until the end of the file (I did not de-activate or switch the block off anywhere in the import fields in that playlist and left the block as active).

This morning I loaded a new playlist from mid morning, with no reference to the active block, only to see that the block is no longer active. This seems to be inconsistent. I chacked the K2's uptime, which shows it's not been reset over the weekend in my abscence.

Are you able to clarify what the rules are regarding the status of blocks and their persistence across multiple days/playlist loads?

Is there something (a process or other action/activity which may be hidden) that will reset blocks or remove their active status?

Many thanks

11-13-2013, 10:06 AM
Hi Jim,

This forum is mainly intended for Channel Composer questions. Could you contact GV support and pick this up with them?


Jan Roel Evers