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10-29-2013, 04:58 PM
We are using the ticker to display legal information which is why it is important that I make it robust. At the moment we are having issues. To save time I thought I would seek advice before going down the experimental route.

Currently I am controlling the initialisation and addition of ticker stories from an applet sending template commands with scene params directly to Nexos. I am running the ticker in repeat mode. I issue a story id for each story.

I noticed that sometimes the ticker doesn't play all of the stories and repeatedly will miss one or two out even though I can see that Nexos has received the command without error. If I manually issue the missed story again (copied and pasted from Nexos log -> got: command into command line) then the story is successfully added.

Can you give me some advice about some of the constraints of using the ticker and what might be causing the stories to fail. Could it be that I'm sending the commands too quickly in succession? Should I Pause first after initialisation before adding the stories and then Un-Pause? Any advice welcome.



11-01-2013, 05:08 PM
Hi Tony,

So, you're initializing the Ticker using one template and then setting the ticker stories using another?

If so then you might indeed be encountering a race condition. Preload-playing the init template will likely take a bit of time since nexos has to preload the Ticker object present on the template. The stories templates on the other hand are pretty cheap preload-wise, so they will likely start immediately. Hence, a stories template might start before the init template has finished preloading.

You could try adding a pause between running the init and stories templates. Or listen to template feedback on the init template and wait until the template instance has reached the Ready Point in its lifecycle.