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10-28-2013, 11:11 PM
I have task to put commercial and promo lower field graphics to the air by playlist. For reference: during one main event our promo department can set to playlist more than 10 lower field graphics. Our traffic system can plan secondary events and export to playlist in custom XML format. I think I can use this function for my task. For this I plan create format that from playlist from secondary format of main event get field with TX-MAM asset id , download media from TX-MAM and put this animation to the screen by schedule.
So for the first step I need to write value for field in formats.
I searched in cobalt manual information about that, but didn't found anything. I found information how set format for event. That works fine. But didnít found how write some field value for format.
So first question: How I can do that? What workflow you are recommend for this task? Maybe I go to the wrong way?

For experiment, I created custom format with ANI player, set file to scene parameter and set type of scene parameter to Fixed Asset Reference. In format I set some real asset id of ANI file on TX-MAM. I tried play this format on playout. All was OK. I tried in manual change the value to another asset id in "POC". Before this moment media of that asset not downloaded and cached by playout. All was ok. Playout downloaded this media from TX-MAM before cueing event and play after caching. But if I change duration of main event, POC automatically change manual value to value, that I set in Composer for this format.
Then, I try used Manual Text type for scene parameter. I write full filename of ANI asset in POC. Playout play old cached media correctly. But if I change value to never cached asset, playout didnít cache this asset of animation and didnít play it. So second question: What type of field of scene parameter do you recommend for me and how I can say playout to cache media file (I donít know what application must be, maybe itís NEXOSÖ)? I ready write applet for this task.
Thank you in advance.

10-30-2013, 01:48 PM
Hi Sasha,

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but changing assets/on-air graphics in a schedule where the assets are sourced from TX-MAM one usually uses import fields. In a Cobalt playlist each event has import fields and import fields can be sonsidered event metadata. Import fields are represented by a list of key/value pairs (e.g. "ani_source=promo_ani1"). You can view and edit import fields in POC when editing an event in the event properties dialog (double click on an event). You can also set import fields at schedule time programmatically; this is normally done by a schedule importer.

The general idea is that you set the animation source property (which should be linked to a scene parameter) on your promo format's play ani template to the "import field" type (in the format editor). Then enter the import field name that you will populate in your schedule and prefix it with [extref]. If your import field is called "ani_source" then the value you specify in the format editor is "[extref]ani_source". The [extref] keyword indicates that the import field will contain an external reference to an asset in TX-MAM. At schedule time the value of the "ani_source" import field is used to look up the id of an asset with an external rerefence that matches the value of the "ani_source" import field. By populating the "ani_source" import field with different values for each event you can change the animation file as you wish.

For more instructions how to set import fields propgrammatically (applets, schedule importer, etc.) or how to include import fields in Cobalt schedule XML please contact GV support.


Jan Roel

11-20-2013, 02:29 PM
For example, I have format with name "Dynamic". I want to use multiple instances of format "Dynamic" to the 1 main event. What I must to do in "Channel Composer" for every import field correctly bind to the correct instance of format?
This is example of my test playlist. 10414.

<Format name="Dynamic" offset="00:01:00:00" duration="00:00:04:18">
<FIELD name="graphic_file">12340</FIELD>

graphic_file - name of scene parameter that link clip to animation player
12340 - Asset Id of animation clip in Tx-MAM

01-06-2014, 09:33 AM
Hi Sasha,

You can try using "[cnt]" in your import field; "[cnt]" will be substitued with the format count (eg. "1_"). Note that "[extref]" should be used before"[cnt]". This may help when using multiple instances of a format. If you have any further questions on this topic I would like you to contact GV support as this question is largely an automation topic than a specific Composer topic.


Jan Roel