View Full Version : channelpack or Project open function

10-02-2013, 12:28 PM
When importing .cpk's in Composer, once the file has been selected and opened, the 'import complete' window remains displayed, and a click on 'close' is required to remove the window and open the project. Is it possible for Composer to jump straight in? It seems strange to wait.


10-10-2013, 04:25 PM
Hi Jim,

The wait at the end of the import is intentional. Originally it was envisioned that the user might not always want to directly open a channel pack upon a successful transfer (hence the choice/checkbox at the end of the import). Secondly, in case an import error occurs the dialog will display the error in question.

One could argue that the dialog should offer the choice of opening the pack at the start of the import (and default to "always open" as is now) and to only keep the dialog open in case of error. I see this as a sensible improvement to the import dialog that I could pass on to product management. Do you agree?


Jan Roel Evers