View Full Version : CPK Manager v1.1.0 - view & import?

09-26-2013, 04:09 PM
Are there plans to add an 'import' option to CPK manager?

Also, cpk files are shown on the 'Grouped' view, within expandable 'subdirectories' as in the attached png. Is it possible to just have the files listed, but not in subdirectories, which split them up and make the list twice as long when viewing?

Unless there is a good deal of 'house-keeping' the long lists, made longer by multiple expansion layers, means a lot of unnecessary clicking/ expanding/ contracting/ scrolling up and down.


10-10-2013, 04:15 PM
Hi Jim,

CPK Manager v1.1.0 allows one to import or "download" a channel pack from a storage location/database server to the workstation that runs CPK Manager. This option is labelled "Download" in the application's toolbar (you're required to first select the channel pack you intend to download in the main tree view). We're planning to add export support for channel packs as well in a future update. This would allow users without Channel Composer to create channel pack assets in a TX-Mam database from .cpk files.

At the moment it's unfortunately not possible to view all channel packs in a non-grouped fashion in CPK Manager. The "By Channel" view mode does list all Channel Packs in a non-grouped fasion but list only the Channel Packs once associated with a particular channel. I've passed your suggestion on to program management as an improvement.


Jan Roel Evers